A most unbirthday like birthday !

Yesterday was my birthday and invariably a number of people towards the end of the day asked me if I'd enjoyed myself. My response was “it was an unbirthday like birthday !” Strange answer you might think, but here's why…….

Alison, my wife, had to leave the house before I was awake as she was Piper sitting (our Granddaughter) so I didn't get to see her till she got one at 8.00 pm.

However a really good friend, Judith, who we've known for over 20 years is staying with us so she and I were able to go for a morning coffee and catch up.

On the afternoon I had to attend a pre-arranged meeting with folk from across the District to discuss dates and tasks for later in the year when my deputy chair work steps up a further gear. As I walked into the gathering I was greeted with a chorus of “Happy Birthday” and a piece of Loraine Mellors wonderful chocolate cake (all calories removed of course).

In the evening I had a further meeting of my Rotary council and once again as I entered Langans my friends wished me well amidst a quite jovial atmosphere, and then I was able to catch up with Alison for a close of day coffee. (Picture below)

I had seen Vikki, Mark and Piper on Monday and combined with a telephone conversation with Rebecca and Michelle the whole family were involved in some way.

I also recieved over 150 greetings on FaceBook and I'm grateful for every single one.

Reflecting on this, it was a strange day for little of it was what I would have chosen to do if I'd been asked for my ideal day, and yet why was it good ? I think that too often people gauge these occasions by excitement, special treats, unusual gifts, monetary value but that's the wrong way of thinking. I spent yesterday surrounded by the people I love, family and friends. I spent the day in the company (counting phone calls, Facebook and emails) in the company of folk who cared enough to wish me well.

At the end of the day, to have the quiet hour with Alison was a lovely ending to what was a really blessed day. Why blessed ? Because ultimately, in life, it's not about presents or treats (nice though they are), it's about people and relationships. and I've been VERY blessed today.
God calls us to live in harmony with each other and to enrich the lives of other people and boy do I feel enriched after my birthday.
Thankyou everyone