Please pray for those who have lost loved ones this week, and whose sorrow is very real. 

Please also pray for those whose families have moved away, especially for Julia and her family as she settles into a new life @ university.

Friday September 28th

At the end of another week; this ones been crap. A friend of mine has died, a resident from Maple Leaf House has died, I`m involved with both funerals and they`re both pulling at my heart strings.

Why is it that I can conduct so many funerals without difficulty but every now and then one comes along that really hurts ? And in this case its two !!

My Dads still waiting for his knee replacement, but was able to manage an enjoyable trip to Carlisle on his birthday (Wed.) Good on ya Dad ! If I had to list my heroes Dad would definitely be at the top of the list. I just hope and pray that I can turn out like him.

Rebecca and Vikki seem happy and settled in their house now. Vikki’s back to University soon for her final year. Had to experience another Uni parting this week as our friends daughter Julia left to go to Plymouth Uni. I`ve always had a special affection for Julia and her sister, Eleanor, so it does feel as though part of my family have left.

So its been a week of partings in many ways; I believe that God is in the partings as well as the joys. I praise God for my Dad and I trust him for those who are departed and those who have left for new chapters in their life.

The Psalmist gets it right when he writes “The Lord is my Shepherd…………….” (23rd Psalm). God does walk beside us in all things. 

Friday September 21st

When I first came into Ministry I was assured by older and wiser Ministers that no one could understand the life of a Minister unless they had experienced it fully. Today is an example of this; already by 9.20 a.m. I`ve had three phone calls , I`ve got sermon prep. to do, a Bible study to prepare, an act of worship for Maple Leaf House to take and all alongside the day to day things like getting the wheel changed on my car and picking my Mother in Law up as she comes to stay for several days.

It all makes for a very hectic life, but one that I wouldn`t change for the world. Yes, no one knows what its like to live in a Manse, but then again I don`t know what its like to live in other houses either and face the pressures that other people have to face.

May be we should simply give thanks for the blessings we experience each day and ask for strength and courage for the difficulties. Above that, life is great and I`m thoroughly enjoying it !!

Church Councils

Please pray for me as I enter what I call the Church Council season.

I will have Church Councils on…………………………

26th September   (2 meetings)

3rd October

4th October

11th October

17th October

22nd October

31st October

Please pray that each individual church will be moved by God to a new vision.

Welcome to my World !!

New category. Now the sabbatical and the cruises are over there won`t be anything else to add into those groups so I`m starting a new category. I hope in this simply to record some of my thoughts, ideas, general craziness !!  We`ll see what happens. Please continue to visit my prayer requests and hold me in your prayers. They are much needed and certainly valued. The Fresh Expressions category will also continue as I intend to keep exploring this whole movement.

Back to work

Only a few days left. Please pray for me as I prepare to return to work on Sunday, with an open air service at Waingroves show. I give thanks for the last few months and pray that I may be able to bring some of this understanding into my Ministry.