The real miracle

As this week draws to its close I want to reflect on two momentous events I’ve experienced within the last week.

Firstly, there were the horrific events in Paris which followed the less publicised atrocities in Beirut and other parts of the world. Like yourselves, no doubt, I watched and followed with horror the events in Paris and the subsequent shootings in Belgium and elsewhere: horror and dismay because it is just one more atrocity amongst many others, and yet it was inspiring to see the world gathering together in unity. I pray that it may be a turning point. During the week I’ve had cause to visit Paget school with its multi-faith (& no faith) mix of pupils and inevitably this was the question many wanted to know my views on. I assured them that ALL religions speak of peace and love, and many only hid behind the cloak of religion; I confirmed that in my view if the cloak was not religion then it would have a different name because the reality was the evil of humankind, not religious differences.


Whilst all this was happening my daughter was in a 3 day labour giving birth to our first grandchild, Piper Connie (after my Mum). It turned into quite a hard labour and was very frightening at times. However all is well; born at the decent weight of 7lb 8oz we have now had the chance to hold and cuddle her and whilst doing so marvel at the miracle of life itself. While some in the world are determined to snuff out God created life, others are still bringing about the miracle of birth. And hasn’t that always been the way throughout history ?


However, next month we celebrate not just the miracle of a birth in Bethlehems stable, but the miracle of a God stepping into the mess of human kinds squabbling, aggression, Ill-treatment of each other, and downright selfishness.


Ultimately it is this miracle that will defeat the horror of war and terrorism for its this baby who brings love and love will always conquer evil.



Meanwhile I’m sneaking off for another cuddle of Piper….