Mission Shaped Intro

The first session in the Mission Shaped Intro went well last Thursday. (see advert on May 15th).  I thought we would do well to get about 12/13 but in the end 20 turned up and apologies from 4 others !!  Today I’ve heard of another one who’s coming along this week so 25 in total. That’s wonderful.

Roger and I who delivered the course work well together, sharing the speaking and the input. We watched Mr Bean goes to Church, we looked at clips from two Fresh Expressions of Church and we studied (quickly) which changes in society had affected the Church most; changes such as Sunday shopping, Sunday becoming a family day, different social groupings, different social networks etc.

All in all it was a good night and I would strongly recommend it to you all. We still have some spaces left, but why not run it in your own Church or area ?


Please pray for Norman from Maple Leaf House, and his wife Bessie. Norman was taken into hospital yesterday and will hopefully be back at Maple Leaf House tomorrow, but its been a worrying weekend, esp. for Bessie. Please pray for peace. 

Britains Got Talent

Like many others I’ve been glued to this, all week. Even though I missed a couple of the semi~finals I still followed the events on the Internet. I was so pleased when George Sampson won as I think it was thoroughly deserved, but I was equally impressed at the sportsmanship shown when the voting was announced.

The maturity of George in trying to console Andrew Johnson who came third was a wonder to behold in such a young lad, and then the way in which Signature honoured George by declaring he was a worthy winner after they lost out to him was magnificent. It was true sportsmanship from all concerned.

It reminds me of how we’ve all got talents and yet so often we either don’t use them or think that ours are far better than anyone elses to the detriment of what they bring. We’ve got skills ranging from art, to singing, to dancing, to administration, finance, throughout society. God has given to this world what it needs to be a better place and as 1 Corinthians 12 reminds us they are all needed. Corinthians talks about using talent to build up the body of Christ, and in so doing we build each other up. It lists the spiritual gifts needed but so often we neglect what we are given, for if God has truly given all manner of gifts then they are important.

Perhaps we need to recognise that `the world’s got talent !` and rejoice in it. As the Message Bible says, “The variety is wonderful”  Whats your gift/talent ??


Please pray for all young people undergoing GCSE`s, A levels or university finals at this time. Please pray that they will be relaxed and stress free.


Some of you will be aware that I spent a large chunk of 2007 training on the Mission Shaped Ministry course in Lincoln , which is a combination of an existing course studying how Churches could be mission shaped, and also including Fresh expressions of Church. See other blog entries, especially in 2007. The organisers have now released a much shorter course (six weeks) and with the input of our Methodist District we are offering it to anyone who wishes to come along.

Please consider whether or not this is for you, and also consider if you could advertise it in your church/circuit. It would be helpful to have any names registering as soon as possible. Further details can be found on the Fresh expressions website.

Mission Shaped Intro Course                Thursday 29th May until Thursday 3rd July

Run by the Ripley Methodist Circuit in conjunction with the Notts & Derby District

Six weeks to rediscover the mission and re-imagine the church.

@ Birchwood Methodist Church , Birchwood Lane , Somercotes, Alfreton

7.30-9.30 p.m.

Cost  £10 to cover cost of materials, paper, refreshments etc.

For more information contact:

Email: mike@revmike.co.uk                As soon as Possible


We fly out to Romania on 23rd June.

Please pray for me, for my fellow team members, Andrew, Sam, Jean, Janet and Louise and pray for the team that will follow us a week later to continue the work. Remember our families and the churches we all belong to but perhaps more than anything, please remember the church we’re going to and the people we’ll share our lives with and whose lives we’ll have the privilege of experiencing.