Hope not hate

Warning. I’m about to have a rant and rave !

I see a number of my friends are liking and reposting articles on Facebook backed by Britain First, a far-right movement born out of the BNP.

They claim to be Christian but so often their work promotes non-Christian bile and hatred.

Many of their posts suggest that if you don’t click ‘like’ then you’re obviously anti-Christian, anti-British, anti-supporting our forces etc. This is a form of online bullying, “if you don’t copy me then you’re obviously not one of us !” mentality

Well, I’m giving notice now that I’m proud to be British, love British values of respect for all and acceptance of all, I admire and respect our armed forces and most importantly of all I am a Christian who wants to model his life on Jesus Christ by showing love, tolerance and acceptance. I love others because Jesus loves them.

I will NOT repost anything that bears the name Britain First, a group dedicated to extremism and disruption to our way of life for their own gain.

If you need more info see hopenothate.org.uk.