Reshaping for Mission

Please hold myself and my leadership team in prayer as we try to navigate the Ripley Methodist Circuit through a huge time of change. Its inevitable that the circuit will split to form two new circuits by 2010, but it brings with it anxiety, fear, apprehension and regret. I have to minister to the very people who are blaming me for it all and my leadership team are having to put in extra hours beyond their normal daytime occupations.

Please hold us and many circuits around the country who are engaging in similar exercises in prayer.


Wonderful weekend as I met with Tim and William again. Tim and William are two school-friends and once a year the three of us meet up and have a Friday evening and Saturday together. This year we simply sat in Williams house reminiscing on the Friday night and catching up with news about each others families etc.

On the Saturday we went to Beamish Museum (The North of England open air museum) and in glorious weather we had a lovely day, riding the tram, the bus, visiting the old Chapel and the miners cottages, going down the drift mine. It brought back memories for William and I (Tim’s from Norwich) of our home area when we were younger. I can remember playing on the disused platform of Rowley railway station and to see it now transformed into a recreated station is marvellous.

In the photograph William is the one in the blue shirt and Tim in the grey.

Friendships are very, very special and to still have a friendship with people I went to school with (34 years ago) is very important to me. Sometimes I think that we take friendship for granted and we don’t treasure it enough or we don’t put enough work into it to make it work. I’m finding that Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch with friends around the country, but its important to keep checking it.

   I give thanks for a God who values my friendship enough to have died for me on the cross of Calvary and a God who wants to keep in touch to keep the friendship going. It is also a reminder that I need to keep in touch with Him through my prayers, my Bible Study and my Worship.

Whereas I meet with Tim and William once a year and now keep in touch more often via Facebook, I know that I need to be in touch with God everyday of every month of every year.

He’s worth it !