Spring Harvest 2018

Its taken a few days but I’m sitting down tonight to reflect on this years Spring Harvest experience, at Minehead last week. Under the title of “Only the Brave” we explored the book of James in morning Bible studies, morning interactive conversations and in evening celebrations. It urged us to take our discipleship more seriously; we’re not to play at Church, but to engage in lifestyle change.

Here I’ve included a few pictures of the event (the full collection will be uploaded to my Facebook pages there are too many for this page.

The picture to the right is of my reflection in the mirror one morning, as the theme challenged us to look at ourselves in the way we would look in a mirror: i.e. the Biblical warning of James 1:23-24 and the need not just to read the scriptures but to live it our. It’s not a flattering picture and there must be times when God looks at me and despairs, but I want to shine a mirror on my life in order to weed out the times I don’t obey and act in the way I should.

It was a challenging week, very tiring, but also good to be amongst others who were similarly looking to hold their lives up to scrutiny.

A mix of great preachers such as Simon Guillebaud, who feels that God sent him to Burundi, one of the most dangerous places on earth and Steve Uppal. Worship was led in one venue by Elim sound and in another by the great Geraldine Latty.

Evenings had a mixture of entertainment and as always we thoroughly enjoyed Jonathan Viera, this year with his new settings for familiar hymns. We were challenged to pray for the world around us, (much-needed at the moment) and reminded that even in the most dire of situations we place our trust in God and so must lose our pride in ourselves for humility before him.






Theres so much more I could say, but every year I return from Spring Harvest with new challenges on my life, and a renewed desire to follow Jesus as a faithful disciple. And so in closing the last photo is of the new Hoodie I bought…………………….