Ripley Methodist Church

Well, its under way !  The demolition of Ripley Methodist Church (Wood Street) has well and truly begun. Last Monday (April 20th) the contractors moved on site and began securing it with fencing etc.

I’ve nipped along today to see how things are going. The roof is virtually off and apparently the big machinery comes in next week to start taking the walls down.

Its a strange feeling standing inside the house (next door) where my children lived for three years and talking to the men who were removing the building. I was so thankful for the sensitivity they were showing to those of us who feel the loss badly; for the consideration they seem to be having for our neighbours, amongst whom we will have to live when the new building is up, and for their general welcome to our interest. The firm is called Devlins (not sure if that spelling is correct) and already we feel secure in thier hands.

I pray Gods blessing over the men, over the site and our neighbours, and I pray Gods blessing on the future Ministry of the people in that place.

Roll on December (or January) and we’ll be worshipping God in a new home.

I'm back

Couldn’t sleep, so got up to `potter`. Thought I’d just let you all know that I’ve been away for a week at Spring Harvest at Skegness.

It has been a tremendous week. Bible study teaching by Krish Kandiah has been `awesome`; evening worship led by Graham Kendrick has been excellent (if somewhat repetitive towards the end of the week), and simply the chance to find space to `chill` out with God has been much appreciated.

All in all a splendid week.


Please pray for my friends Heather, Alex, Andrew, Alistair and Chris in Romania. I don’t know why but they’ve been very much on my heart this morning. Please pray for their safety, that they get precious family time together and that their work will continue to blossom and flourish.


Please pray also for the three teams from Langley Mill and Ripley who are travelling out in a couple of months time to work with them.

Good Friday

Wonderful day yesterday. I used the services (5 of them) simply to share the Gospel. In the three services where I organised, I simply read the Gospel accounts in part, broken with silence or hymns, and largely allowed the account to speak for itself. The times of silence in each church were awesome, when I really felt as though God was saying “I am here and with you all”

Very powerful day.

Comical part ? At Codnor there was a walk of witness and because time was tight between services I asked how far it would be. I was told it would begin at the Parish Church and be a short stroll around the block. I allowed for half an hours walk. Instead it was a VERY large block, which encompassed all three churches of the area over a patch of about a mile and a half to two miles, and it lasted one hour and twenty minutes !!

Having said that it was most enjoyable and we gave away hot cross buns wrapped in serviettes with a Gospel message on them. Very powerful.

May Jesus bless you all at this time with His Risen presence.

Who is my `boss` ?

To whom am I answerable ?  This is the question which is taxing my mind at the moment. I find that the Connexion (National Methodism) tells me what it wants me to do, my Circuit tells me what it wants me to do, and each of my churches tells me what they want me to do. The demands of all these groupings are often different and sometimes contradictory. Added to that is my vision of what God wants me to do, which again does not always fit easily with any of the other demands placed upon me.

I cannot please all of them, but who do I upset ? There are many times when I find it a relief to be able to say, if only to myself,  “I am not an employee of the Connexion, my Circuit or any of my churches – I am a servant of the Lord”.

Trouble is these are `high` words but do any of the Connexion, Circuit or Churches really believe them ? I don’t think so because its human nature to want what we want, and that is usually to have someone else doing the work or taking the flak.

I genuinely don’t know what the answer is.

Just some Saturday morning musings…………………………………