More lost !

Scales (Photo credit: chrisinplymouth)

Latest weight loss of a further few pounds. I`m now down to 17 stone 11 meaning the first stone is well and truly gone. I`m now wearing a suit I haven’t worn for four years and today put on a pair of trousers that I always liked but haven’t managed in the last couple of years.


Yes I know I`m a smug ************



Week 2

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I weighed myself on Tuesday past and I have lost 1 pound in weight. Not much you might say, but I reckon that a gradual weight loss of 1 pound per week is better for my health and by the end of April 2013 I will have lost almost 4 stone !

My target of 3 stone is therefore very achievable.

Follow my weight loss

Well, the time has come to lose weight. I`ve been aware of this for some time now, that my weight has increased steadily. Age and good living have been major contributions to this, but it can`t go on and I`ve decided that the time has come……………………..

I`m not going to shout this in each of my Churches but I thought that if I kept an online record then those of you who follow may be able to encourage me as I hopefully progress.

I intend to weigh myself each Tuesday and hope to lose a steady two pounds per week, so here we go…………


WEIGH-IN     week 1              18 stone 13 pounds

Barbie vintage booklet about how to lose wieght
Barbie vintage booklet about how to lose wieght (Photo credit: Wikipedia)