Derbyshire Young Carers

Had a pleasant couple of hours at lunchtime today, as my Rotary club paid for 12 young people who belong to the Derbyshire Young Carers scheme, to go 10 pin bowling.

 This scheme exists to help those young people, whose lives are full of the responsibility of caring for others, enjoy a bit of time doing the things that other young people would do.

They were full of fun and very chatty. Along with their helpers who organise the events they joined in with the bowling and especially the food afterwards. One young man didn’t show up so I was persuaded to take his place!  For an hour today I was a young 12 year old lad ! Doesn’t bear thinking about does it ??

Chatting afterwards about football I found these young people to be charming, polite, well mannered and incredibly grateful for the small gesture we had offered. They even signed a thank you card for me to take back to the club next week.

I feel very proud today having had the opportunity to offer something to young lives and I thank the Lord for each of those young people.

By the way…………….. I won !!!  However, I suggested to Jermaine that he ought to claim the credit; after all I am an old fogey ! The worrying thing is he agreed !

Auntie Rosa

Please remember my Aunt Rosa in your prayers. She is my Mums eldest sister and was very good to Mum and Dad in the early days of their marriage. Auntie Rosa is quite elderly now and we recieved word to day that she is very poorly.

Please also remember her children, Rosa and Gilbert in your prayers.

Sunday October 21st

Nearly a month since I sat down and wrote something here !! Its been a busy month; several funerals, including at least one difficult personal funeral, a weekend away with Rotary, a surprise visit from Dad, an alternative wedding fayre with the Mothers Union and yesterday a teaching day on all-age worship. Little wonder that this afternoon I just flopped and slept.

The Rotary weekend in Southport was excellent, good speakers, fine company of friends, very good food, and a lovely hotel. The Rotary entertainment was spoilt by poor timekeeping, but it was encouraging to be able to support some of our young musicians in their talents. Especially for those of us at West Ashfield it was a very proud moment to hear Julian Clef play the piano; he really is a most talented young man.

The Wedding Fayre went down well. Its purpose was to show people that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a wedding. I seemed to spend the day meeting and chatting with old friends as well as making new ones. A very worthwhile day.

Yesterdays teaching on All-age worship was also very enjoyable. I had been asked by a neighbouring circuit to spend a day teaching their Local Preachers and Worship Leaders. Three of us went along, gave a mornings talk on the principles of all-age worship and followed it with workshops in the afternoon. I enjoyed it and suprisingly those who had come along for the day also seemed to enjoy it.

Its strange that sometimes life seems to go slowly and peacefully and then theres a sudden flurry of activity. In our lives my flurry of activity seems to coincide with Alisons business and so it sometimes feels as though we can go for several days hardly speakign to each other ! Still we both believe that its what God has called us to and so we follow obediently.

The joy of it comes when people seem appreciative of what you do, but sometimes the arrows that are thrown stick and hurt. A spat between church folk this week has hurt both them and me. It will heal in time as I know that they will start to speak to each other again but it does hurt at the time. Such is life. I still wouldn’t swap this calling for anything in the world, and this area of Ripley (and surroundings) still remains special to me.