Nearly gone

Just waiting around now to leave (11.00 p.m.); I’m very aware of the lateness for Alex who will drive for the next 4 hours and then have to wait until 1.00 p.m. when Ellie’s (Alistairs girlfriend) plane arrives.

As we’ve been waiting we’ve heard that Anngela has falleen off her cart and her horse has landed on top of her. Her foot/leg is broken and shes waiting for the ambulance. Please hold her and her family in your prayers. It shows how precarious life in Romania can be as this could have an impact on her income.

Romania, last day

We come towards the end of our time in Romania and what a great week it has been. Visited four families today and as always I’m moved by the living conditions but also by their pride when visitors come. Combined with the house group at Anngelas’s last night that makes five different houses visited; different styles, different families, different set of animals in yard and different hopes and expectations, but all grateful to God for what they have and what He does for them. VERY humbling.

This afternoon we held a hallelujah party instead of halloween (which sadly is taking hold in Romania). We celebrated that Jesus is the Light of the World. Silly party games, ice cream and beefburgers, presents given out. Great fun with 21 children. We do it all again in an hours time with the teenagers !  After that its packing and then at midnight set off for the airport to arrive at 5.00 a.m. for a 7.00 a.m. flight and then with the time difference we land at Luton at 8.00 a.m.  Long night ahead of us.

Its been great seeing everyone again, especially the church community and the Chalmers family; a sense of achievemnt ? Certainly. A desire to cme back next year ? Without a doubt !!

Very emotianal day.

Romania days 4 & 5

Romania continues to be as special as ever. The families have so little but they make us so welcome, and not because of whaat they can get from us; no, its simply old fashioned generosity and hospitality,

The childrens club remains very lively and boisterous, Yesterday we looked at Joseph and today the little boy who gave Jesus his bread and fishes for the 5000.

In addition we have explored the village, painted the outside fence and today repainted the sundayschool room after the new window was put in.

Last night was the mens night when Adrian gave his testimony for the first time. Like Aison on Sunday he did splendidy well.

Tonight I’m getting ready for the Church study group which I will lead, Continue reading “Romania days 4 & 5”

Romania days 2 & 3

Romania continues to be a joy as we get more involved. Yesterday Alison and I went to visit Marcel who is overseeing the houses on the hill refurbishment, a project supported by Ripley Methodist. It was lovely to meet Marcel and his wife again. The work doesn’t seem to have progressed much since last May, but it was good to see where they are in the project.

Alison was involved in leading a ladies meeting last night while the lads worked hard finishing the beer off and having a natter.

 Today the other lads knocked out a hole in the sunday school room and installed a window whist others (like me) painted the garden fence. This afternoon 16 children turned up for the holiday club. It went very well as we looked at the story of the boy Samuel hearing the call of God and responding “Here I am. Your servant is listening”.

Off to a prayer meeting where the WHOLE Church will turn uplsuch is their comitment and hunger for Christ. We have so much to learn from these folk.

Romania day 1

Well, here we are at the end of our first full day in Poiana, in Romania. My apologies for the lateness of this message, but I’ve had trouble getting onto the internet. I’ve also lost my addresses for anyone beginning with ‘A’  
We had a good journey here; nice flight but a little bumpy; car journey from Bucharest to Poiana is always long and monotonous. Flight between countries is 3 hours but its 4 hours to Poiana in the car,
Today it has been lovely to see the youngsters and the villagers again and to be amazed at how many recognised me. Hugs and kisses all round !
  Alison preached at the morning service today and was very good. Its not easy preaching to people you don’t know and who dont share the same language. I was the proud husband, She even got a round of applause ! I never got one in May when I preached.
Afterwards we all went into the back field where I had the enormous privilege of dedicating the play aea to the memory of Fraser (Heathers brother) and (a young girl who died earlier this year).
It was a morning of tears and laughter; of pride and joy; of serious  and silliness (as I got to play on the swings).
This afternoon was much more chilled as we walked by the Black Sea, and enjoed a lovely meal. I was a good boy and had salad ! (with my Calzone).
Tomorrow I’m off to visit Pastor Marcel at Basarab to see how the house renovation is coming along.
Please hold Iohn in your prayers as he was burgled today while at Church.



Packing finished; Set off for Romania this evening at 6.00 p.m.   Remember us in your prayers this week.

Alison, Corinne, Ann and Adrian who are travelling to Romania for the first time and myself who is supposedly in charge !!   (lol)


The new Chapel in Ripley is near completion. Here is the latest photo…………………


           Its already attracting a lot of interest and we expect to see a lot of inquisitive people when the doors open in November hopefully. Its amazing to think that 20+ years of prayer, hard graft and fundraising have brought us to this point; the completion of a vision, but of course the work doesn’t stop. Not only is there more fundraising yet to be carried out but the central aim of the church is to be continued; that is “to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ”. And I believe that this is the real hard work.

For this reason I hope that we can fulfill our aim of holding an Alpha course in the new year and invite all those inquisitive folk who will come for a sneaky look to explore faith and not just a building. 

Hollins & Ripley

Please continue to remember the people of Hollins (Oldham) and Ripley Chapels as they near the end of their building work, having created two fine Churches to worship the Lord in.

Pray that finances are in place, that people will be curious enough to come and look and in so doing find the Lord, and that He will be glorified in these places for many years to come.