Lego brick


Lego brick

Every now and then someone comes across your path who then becomes very special to you. Just under 22 years ago I met a young family who have been a part of my life ever since. Dad had left the family and so Alison and I did what we could to help and over the years since they too have become a great help to us; a source of encouragement and a family we can rely on.

The young son and daughter in the family I hold in prayer constantly (and also their partners) and although they aren’t really I regard them like Godchildren. This morning I received in the post a Fathers Day note from the young man and the above present. I am so delighted, not only that he has chosen something he knew I would like but that he has taken the time and trouble to get it. Lego has always been my favourite toy, but if you look closely at this brick you can see it has my name on it.

I am proud that I met that family and that to this day they are very special friends.

Stop today and give thanks for YOUR special friends