Sleep out 2013

Home for the night
Soup kitchen
A wife, a dog and now a YMCA teddy bear to support !
People arriving
One final fundraising request on the above leaflet, but my fundraising page is open until 8th December 2013 at

Thanks everyone






Fridays arrived……

Well, Fridays here and in about an hours time I’ll set off for my night of sleeping outside ! I have my sleeping bag, black bin bag, fur-lined hat, jumper, thick coat, thermal gloves, thermal socks, good shoes and I think I’m ready. The cardboard box and bubble wrap (!) are provided for me.

What have I let myself in for ?

I’m feeling a mixture if excitement and apprehension at the moment, wishing it was actually underway, and also not wanting to let anyone down. People have been so generous and my running total stands at the moment in the region of £1135. Isn’t that wonderful ? Around about £500 has come from people in the Burton area and considering I’ve only been in the town about 10 weeks I think that’s quite phenomenal.

If you were one of those who have contributed in any way, financially, with words of encouragement or offers of prayer then on behalf of the YMCA I offer a great big thank you.

It’s also worth noting that the mayor of the town, the local MP and also the Chairman of Burton Albion are also sleeping out; lovely to see that some of our “high and mighty” aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.

If you still want to sponsor me my sponsor page will still be open for a shirt while after the event. Please use the following link

Thank you again