Today I started leading a weekly 15 minute thought for the day via Facebook live in order to encourage and challenge many of my circuit Facebook folk. Every Wednesday I intend doing this at 9.30 am but how should I start ?

Well,, given that I sat, dozed and fitfully slept into the early hours watching the American election coverage I was struck by one commentator who declared “we need a leader” to truly make his mark on the election, it seemed to me to beg the question “what is a leader ?”

A few thoughts……… Firstly a good leader should be one who communicates, tell as the narrative which explains who they are. Jesus was a great story-teller; his parables have stood the test of time and they still convey truth today.

Secondly, a leader ought to be someone who sees themselves as a servant; someone who sees others through the eyes of wanting the best for them and being prepared to humble themselves to achieve it. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and expected the same of them. They must have even astounded when the one they looked up to knelt down to wash the dirt and grime from their feet.

Thirdly, one who aspires to lead must care for others and even for those who oppose them. Some would want to argue that Jesus must’ve hated the Pharisees and the Teachers of the Law; after all he reserve d some very harsh words for them calling them “a nest of vipers” and “whitewashed sepulchres”, but I don’t think he truly hated. After all as God he created them: no I think he would’ve hated their attitudes but not them. When you think about he agreed to meet Nicodemus, a Pharisee, and many think that it was Joseph of Arimathea who gave the tomb for Jesus, not the actions of a man who had maybe received hatred.

No Jesus still bore love for all people and was saddened when they chose not to follow, “Jesus wept”

Fourthly, leaders are people convinced of their mission. They know what they want and strive for it setting the standard for others to follow. Again Jesus stands as the model leader, determined to show the world a better way of living, to set the standard for moral and ethical living and by showing this leadership preventing his followers from destroying their own lives. In other words when Jesus said he’d come to “bring life 8n all its fullness” he was leading his listeners into the lives Gods created us for.

The American election shows us one thing as does our own political system: the only leader truly worth investing in is Jesus.
Who are you following this week ? Political parties, sports stars, media personalities or are you truly putting your trust in our Lord and Saviour ?

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