Good Friday

Good Friday, eh ?

I’m currently sitting here at 5.00 am on Good Friday morning reflecting on how Jesus must have felt on that same morning all those years ago. Photograph from my bedroom window

Last night, Maundy Thursday, he’d spoken of betrayal, denial; he’d been arrested in the middle of the night and taken away from his loved ones, isolated, on his own, spending the night in a dark, damp prison cell, possibly a rough hewn hole somewhere.

………………and now dawn breaks; the day that he knows will bring pain, suffering, death on the cross.

The day that will be dominated by the cross, looming large on Golgotha and casting its shadow over the already rigged show trial with Pontius Pilate, the absurdity of the presentation before Herod and the screaming of the mob.

The day which will conclude with Jesus hanging on the cross, nails having pierced his hands, his legs cruelly twisted to prevent him levering himself up in a desperate search for air to fill his lungs, his side pierced with a sword.

The day which would conclude with the cry of Jesus, “Father, it is finished !”

I wonder how Jesus would have felt that morning as the sun rose over his final day. Fear, anxiety – almost certainly for he knew human emotion – he was fully human after all BUT I also wonder if there was a sense of anticipation within him as he approached the day. “Yes, this is it. The day I’ve worked toward; the day of victory !” He was fully God also.

Truth is none of us really know and never shall know on this side of Heaven but we do know why this is GOOD Friday; because as Christians we believe that Christ laid down his life for humanity and that ultimately he showed us the way to live the life he first gave us. Today is GOOD Friday because it is the start of the final lap which brings us all the way to
.the Resurrection on what we now refer to as Easter Sunday.

Yes, for Christians today is a difficult day but amongst the difficulty is the knowledge expressed in the old song “it’s Friday, but Sundays a-coming” that Jesus has the victory.

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