Book of Job

Whilst at college 27 years ago I came under some excellent teaching in the Old and New Testaments, in Systematic theology, ethics, pastoral care etc. but one of the things it most instilled in me was a love of the book of Job, from the Old Testament.

A book often misunderstood, and believed to be all doom and gloom with no redeeming features to it. We often remember how he lost all his family, his possessions and was shunned by others. Throughout it all he never lost faith in God, but simply desired answers. We don’t always grasp that it is one of the most exciting, profound and hopeful books of the Old Testament.

Tomorrow I’ve got the privilege of sharing my thoughts on the book as part of the Circuit 2018 focus on “Intentional Faith Development” and I’m finding myself really excited about the prospect. I’m not saying I’m anything special or more knowledgeable about the subject but I do find myself with a passion for the themes of the book, such as the environment, humankind, suffering and even the comparison with Jesus Christ.

I find it a book which speaks of a God who is in charge, a God who doesn’t have to interact with his creation but a God who chooses to do so.

As a Circuit we will cover a variety of books within the Bible (next month is Luke) throughout the year, as various members of staff lead us in their thoughts and teach us about their particular book. In this way we’ll learn more about 12 books of the Bible and if it is well received we may well do another 12 in 2019

Why are we doing this ?        Simply because we all need to grow in our faith and Scripture studied prayerfully, contextually and with a desire to know more of Gods mind shows us how to grow.

In Scripture we meet God in all his fullness; it helps us reflect on the world around us, our place within it and how we can be Gods people in this day and age.

If you’re in the area why not come and join us, and if you’re away from the area why not join us in reading whichever book is chosen each month.





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