5 a day nourishment, final post

My apologies for not posting yesterday, as I had intended to, but I’ve been away in London for a visit to Methodist Church House and then some R&R with Alison.

 So where do we go from here ?

As I journeyed home on the train, I reflected on several things……… 

Firstly, at Euston station the number of people standing waiting for the train, seemingly without purpose in contrast to those who had been waiting suddenly dashing off for their train as it arrived. I’ve observed this many times during my journeys from Euston and it never fails to amaze me, for I’m one of them !

Secondly, the number of folk on electronic devices, texting or listening to music and definitely NOT engaging with the person sitting next or near to them. It’s become the world of personal space, not to be invaded.

Thirdly, the moments I’ve seen homelessness on the streets of London and knowing that it is reflected up and down the land, where people (often through no fault of their own) have found themselves in situations that they feel powerless to get out of.

Fourthly, the lack of manners shown in the likes of the man who easily pushed Alison out of the way in order to get on the tube first, and left his wife/partner three or four people behind ! Sadly, I don’t think he even realised what he had done, for such is the “me first’ mentality of the world. My Father, who has always been a gentleman, would have been horrified.

This is why I think there is the need for the 5 spiritual exercises I’ve looked at this week; because our spiritual health ultimately is the only thing that will heal this world. In Genesis God created the world “and saw that it was good” and the whole Bible story is about God, in Jesus, restoring that creation to what he first intended. Don’t just read Genesis without reading other books in the Bible.

We are encouraged to look after our physical health these days to ensure we don’t end up, as I did, in the back of an ambulance (several years ago). 5 a day has become the mantra for good physical health, but what about our spiritual health; it too shouldn’t be neglected and that’s why I feel indebted to the Vice-President (Jill Baker) and Loraine Mellor (President) for challenging the Methodist people to engage in this exercise of giving thanks, keeping silent, reading and reflecting, praying and acting each and every day. But it’s not just an exercise for Methodists as I believe from their initial reading of Acts 2:46-47 it’s a good discipline for ALL people of faith and for those of no faith. Lets aim to get our spiritual lives in order this year.

In closing this series on my blog I print the words of the Methodist Covenant which is said annually in every Methodist Church (and in other denominations as well). It puts God at the very centre of our lives. May we achieve this in 2018

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