Scrooge is in the house

       Scrooge is in the house !!

Warning:- a simple blog tonight.

Its been an interesting couple of days. Silhouette Theatre are good friends of Alison and I, and each year (for many years) they come to whichever circuit I’m in, to offer to do two shows in local schools and also to offer one further show (ostensibly to raise funds to pay for the other two).

They were due to give me a show on Monday afternoon and another one on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. After that they were going into Alisons Deanery to offer similar to schools over there as part of Churches Together.

However, the weather arrived !

As they were due to travel from London to Manchester for a Sunday show, but didn’t know whether the show would be cancelled because of the snow they came to us on Saturday evening with a view to being closer to Manchester and travelling over this morning and back this evening.

Trouble is the weather made it impossible to travel; I received a succession of messages cancelling Church services today, and our three friends have been stuck all day in our Manse; long day for them.

I managed to walk into Burton for a Rotary Carol Service at the Parish Church which broke my day up and was largely lovely with Rotary friends, but Karen, Alf and Malcolm were in a strange house with little to do but watch telly and twiddle their thumbs.

We’ve now received word that a variety of schools are closed tomorrow, so tomorrow afternoon is now cancelled !

The good news is that tomorrow night at St. Thomas’s is still going ahead (7.00 pm Belvedere Road, Burton). This will be free but a retiring collection will be taken for ‘Action for Children’, the Methodist childrens charity.

We are hoping many will come along despite the weather, so please spread the word.


So what does this teach us ?

1} that the future is unknown to us, despite our planning and preparation.

best laid plans of mice and men” and all that comes to mind.


2} that no matter how well you know folk its always good to spend time with them and get to

know them better. Good relationships can always be built upon to be even better.


3) although we’ve met Alf (Scrooge) before, we don’t know him as well as the others but its

been very enjoyable chatting and learning about him and his life.


4} that simple things can be so enjoyable. Even as I write this the other four are doing a Christmas word quiz and Ive had the time to telephone Dad.


5} that sometimes when the storms of life are raging around us, we simply have to accept theres nothing we can do about it, relax and simply  life, until the storm passes


6} The most serious thing Ive learnt today is that no matter what happens God will bring good things from it when we look, because he wants to give love and see love shared between folk.


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