Time out

What is most needed in our lives ? So often many of us are running around full of busy, for we live in a culture which is time pressured and task orientated. This weekend we are having our annual time away with good friends, their family and now their grandchildren also, spending time in the High Peaks of Derbyshire.

After the busy pressure of moving house, the full-on task of acting as co-deputy Chair of District as well as Superintendent Minister its good to simply stop, relax and chill.

So why the need to go from this (left) to this (below right) ?

We’ve conned ourselves, as a world, into thinking that business is the be all and end all of our existence and yet we weren’t created simply to burn ourselves out pursuing often meaningless tasks.

When we look at the creation account in Genesis (whether we view it as literal or not) what is clear is that the creation is there to be enjoyed, not missed in the pursuit of materialism. Jesus didn’t speak of the need to be endlessly busy, but he spoke of the building of Gods Temple, our bodies, both physically and spiritually.

AND I’m fully aware that as you read this some of you will be thinking of the old saying “pot calling kettle black” and yes I know that I fall into the trap of endlessly looking for something to do; perhaps taking on the worlds mentality that if I’m not busy then Im failing in some way. I put it own to boredom, what will others think or some other pathetic excuse when in reality its because I haven’t fully learnt the art of relaxation.

This is why I value this time each year, because those around me don’t allow me the opportunity to be busy; the hardest decision lies between where are we going tomorrow and which book shall I read next. The children in the group remove from my mind all things ‘churchy’ because even the Methodist Church can’t compare with Peppa Pig or “in the night garden”although at times Christians could learn so much from these programmes. When I’m with the children I cuddle Anna from Frozen because I’m told to, Im dragged by the finger around this massive house we’re staying in and I’m afforded no time to stop and think of Church.

Even after they’ve gone to bed there are  conversations to be had over a glass of wine, pool to be played, silliness to be shared and good friendships renewed yet again.

Mark 1:35-37 shows that even Jesus needed ‘time-out’ alone and away from those around him; batteries need to be recharged and we all need to get off the treadmill we call life, for if we don’t it will consume us and ultimately be damaging to our spiritual and physical well being. Methodist Ministers are expected, every quarter, to take 3 consecutive days off from work, every 7 years to take 3 months out to do something different.

So, each year, because I don’t always succeed at the quarter days, its good to get away from it all, and take ourselves off to a remote cottage with friends.

This year we’re in the High Peak in a magnificent old house with that many bedrooms and passages that its easy to get lost, and most importantly it seems to be miles from anywhere; wonderful !!





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