……….. and so life goes on

I was in London last week and after my meeting I strolled down to Hyde Park and relaxed in the hot sunshine.

As I lay on the grass, half sleepily, I reflected on all that has happened of late: the Manchester bombing, the Westminster attack, the Finsbury Park mosque attack and of course the dreadful tower block fire not too far from Hyde Park itself. I prayed for peace and love to dominate our world, knowing that because human beings are involved it's unlikely in my lifetime, and yet believing that for God ALL things are possible.


I looked around me and I saw a group of young people in shorts and bikinis laughing and dancing, I saw groups of people dabbling their feet in the nearby fountain, I saw a young mother and her baby just enjoying time together. Later I walked down through the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street passing through the hordes of shoppers and business folk with little or no time to stop and pause.


In short 'life goes on'. Throughout the terrorist atrocities the constant cry has been “they won't stop us being or our way of life; we carry on” and here I was witnessing precisely that.


I'm now on holiday, still enjoying the sunshine, and getting on with life for that's all we can do; live each moment as God intended us to, not worry about that over which we have no direct control, seek in our own lives to pursue holiness, seek justice for all and, certainly for me, look at the life of Jesus and model my own life on his

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