Passionate Worship

Synod today was the first in a series of five synods focussing on the five principles of the District mission statement (itself based on the Schnase book 'Five practises of fruitful congregations”)

Beginning with opening devotions (led by Dave Bilborough) he then went on to speak about authentic worship

We worship God not for what we can get out of it but simply because of who He is “
Don't let's be prescriptive on style. Why not preach first and then sing in response to the message ? Why not be more reflective or more charismatic ? As Dave pointed out we all have a tendency to cling to that which is comforting to us, rather than that which is passionate, reaching down into the depths of our soul and led by the Holy Spirit.
The second breakout group was led by Adam Sanders on Jazz Church, quoting from John 4:23b
Spoke about improvisational worship John 3:8,
Hospitable, prepared to let folk 'have a go'
Creative. Genesis 1:1
An encouraging synod chaired by our soon-to-be President, Loraine Mellor involved challenges to our thinking and creative ways of 'doing'. All in all a good day


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