Quiet time

imageI’m spending slightly over 24 hours away with the District Superintendents at the wonderful location of Willersley Castle. Quite some time since I’ve been here and I’d forgotten the mixture of glorious architecture combined with the majesty of nature. First time I came here was with Honeywell Lane Chapel (Oldham) for a family weekend, but I’ve had occasional visits since. Nevertheless it’s a couple of years since I was here.

We’re having a quiet, reflective time at the moment interspersed with necessary business and an interesting look at the Northern Celtic saints, Cuthbert, Aiden, Bede, Hilda and others.

I’ve just been out for a walk, don’t get much opportunity for that, and as I did so I paused and looked out over Black Rock, (overlooking Cromford). How magnificent and majestic it is and on a rainy, misty day to see it rising out of the mists is truly inspirational.

As I took my photograph (above) I noticed one of my colleagues standing nearby and photographing birds in the trees. A very different view.

Elsewhere as I explored the grounds I came across this tree (below) with its roots firmly in the rock face. A splendid image of Gods creation, for that’s what this place reminds me of, a haven of beauty in Gods world. Magnificent.

But as I think of my colleague Jenny photographing birds and myself studying the rock face I’m aware that the beauty of Gods creation is seen in different ways, according to our characters. Some will love the life, the colour and the beauty of bird life whilst others like the soaring, foreboding cliffs. Some will come here for the river and others the open countryside. We are all different and so nature speaks in a thousand different ways.

To be honest I don’t over worry about whether God made the world in 7 days or through evolution (or both); I just give thanks he’s made this gloriously, never beaten for beauty world. Praise the Lord.




1 thought on “Quiet time

  1. Timely reminder of simplicity Mike – an opportunity to re focus as we live through numerous distractions. Interesting to think that the various ways folk see God’s creation are also perhaps reflected in how they see God in their worship in the various places and spaces of worship. I am planned up at Willersley next week (like you after a long break from visiting) – looking forward to taking time to share “the view” of God’s creation

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