Poiana days 5 & 6

Day 5. The house is finished ! Yay ! Saturday morning saw the final painting and the realisation that the house had gone from this………

To this……..

And all in less than 5 days !

Afterwards we celebrated by organising a traditional 'British' sports day which the youngsters thoroughly enjoyed.

It concluded with the 'fun' game of soak the Pastor as Alex and I sat in chairs to allow wet sponges and full buckets of water to be thrown at us. The youngsters thought this was great. I'm still drying out !!

Day 6, Sunday. Began with Church worship at which I was given the honour of preaching. Knowing how protective ( and rightly so) Alex and Heather are of the congregation here I always take it as a real privilege. Heather led the worship beautifully: wonderful time.

And so it was time for goodbye with tears, hugs and promises to return. I don't know how many of the team will return next year (some folk may take a year off before returning, and others may choose for good reason that they've done their bit) but Alison and I are committed to this as we feel it is a calling from God to do what we can. As the years go bye we too will find it harder (finance for two gets harder each year), age will one day take its toll, other callings by God may begin to dominate, but for now we're focussed on Poiana.

Spent this afternoon by the Black Sea at Mamaia, chilled and then closed the day with pizza in Ovideu.

Tomorrow we'll go to visit some families before setting off for the airport and home. It will be hard to leave this precious place which has played a large part in my life, hard to leave Alex and Heather who are truly inspirational, and to leave the villagers whose Christian journeys we pray for each day.


But return we must, to the luxury of the West, to the petty squabbles of the church and life and to the things which are about want rather than necessity.


Lord let us never forget what we have seen and experienced this week.









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