Poiana day 3

Back to the house again for further work. The shape of the walls has made it very difficult to fit the polystyrene tiles easily, but Alex keeps reminding us that other houses are even more difficult !

Keeping cool (& looking cool) in the hat
Alison earned the title of best slapper ! It is not appropriate for me to remark!
Still, by the end of the day the team had completed just about all the walls and Heather was able to start skimming the walls. We had hoped to have Friday off but instead we plan to go and see if we can make further progress.
As usual we also ran the children's club where more youngsters turned up, to be taught about patience, trust and perseverance.
We concluded the day with a visit to Eugen and Laura's house for a meal. They have worked so hard, and God has blessed them in their new house, and all they wanted was to share that blessing with us. It was so good to see them again, and their children Deanne and Lorenzo (who we've known for a good number of years). Lorenzo is 17 yrs now and quite the young man.
One of the team gave him the present of a shirt from the second best football team in the world. Yes Burton Albion are in Europe now.

C'mon you Brewers !!!!!!!!!


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