Christmas 2015.

Its that time of year again when we stop, take stock and bore everyone rigid with the news from the Redshaw family!

It`s been a mixed and varied year: February brought a sudden attack of acute pancreatitis for Mike involving three days in the Queens Medic al Centre, Nottingham. A worrying time for the family but only to be followed by a further three days in Kirkwall hospital on Orkney when a similar attack took him whilst on holiday. Thankfully, the worst of that seems to be behind him, but coupled with the onset of diabetes health has been very varied this year.

Mike continues to be involved with Rotary and thoroughly enjoys the companionship and friendship. Church life continues to be busy for both Mike and Alison. Mike has recently been appointed to a new position of Deputy Chair of the Nottingham and Derby District, so goes into 2016 excited to learn what this new role has in store for him.

Alison still works part time as a dementia care Chaplain with MHA which she enjoys enormously, but is also becoming heavily involved with her Parish and Deanery work where she has been the main instigator of work in local residential homes.

Mikes Dad seems to `tick along` quite happily and still gets down to Burton to see us which we thoroughly enjoy. Alisons Mum also seems to enjoy good health but did have a time in hospital this year. We are aware that they are both 87 years and age with all its aches and pains creeps up.

Mikes brother Andrew has also spent time in hospital this year awaiting a knew replacement which seems to have gone well. He is such a great brother to have: Dad is spending Christmas with Andrew and Cath this year and although we'll miss him I know he'll have a great time.

All in all Mikes long awaited sabattical seems to have been centred on one hospital or another, either for himself or visiting others ! Poor Alison hasn’t really known which way to turn as shes been the one keeping up with the news and sending it to various other members of the family. Still, all are well and that’s the important thing.

Rebecca and Michelle are both happy and

contented in their own flat and with jobs. Rebecca seems to be well thought of in her job and it looks promising. They are a delightful pair and we're so proud of them.

The big news of the year is that we have become grandparents for the first time. Vikki and Mark became the proud parents of Piper Connie in November, and we know we are biased but she is absolutely beautiful. To top it all Mark and Vikki announced their engagement this week.

And so 2015 draws to its close: it's been manic, worrying, exciting, challenging but I'm sure it's the same for many folk in many ways. Alison and I remain convinced that we have the privilege of knowing Gods called us to this place for this season and it's an absolute joy to be here. We are also sure that just as God has led us through this year, so he will lead us through the coming year.
May every blessing be with you this Christmas time and in 2016.


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