I know you……!

At the moment I'm sitting in one of my Chapels having conducted an afternoon baptism and I'm now waiting to commence the evening worship.

At the Baptism a young child came up to me and said “I know you…..” Apparently she's in one of the schools I visit and she recognised me. Afterwards I had a wander around the village and a young lad came to me with the same words “I know you…..” and again it was a school (different one) I visit. In each school I'm exploring being a school governor so that my visits can be more purposeful.

But it's set me thinking, “I know you…..” is a scary comment for your first thought is 'HOW?' And your second is 'I hope it's good'

Many of us live our lives in such a hurry that we don't always get to 'know' people properly, and perhaps this is a part of the problem of the world today. We don't spend time building and forming deep meaningful relationships: yes we have some, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, family but very few of us stop to get to know others around us. How well do we know our postie, our shop keeper, our neighbours and so on ?

Perhaps it's not only because of business, maybe it's also to do with vulnerability. Many of us don't want to be known too well in case it shows a weak spot, a thin area if our lives whereby we can be hurt too easily. Maybe it's because we're genuinely scared that others will judge us on what they see, and maybe we don't offer too well the good side of our nature.

Whatever it is we come back surely to the need for relationships. Today in worship we look at John the Baptist who pointed to the coming of Jesus and so began the message of getting to know him; the one who came from Heaven as a little child to start that relationship so that in the fullness of time we could say to him “I know you…..” and rejoice in his retort “well, I knew you first and I've come to tell you I love you”.

This world would be a better place if we'd spend more time building relationships with each other and with God.


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