Remembrance and togetherness

The photograph is of some of our party as we made our way to Lindisfarne on our recent “Northern Saints” pilgrimage and the one below is of St. Cuthberts Isle, just off Lindisfarne where St. Cuthberts would go to for solitude.

These are very much on my mind this evening as it is a year ago when one of my friends who was a great inspiration to me with his love and knowledge of Celtic Christianity passed away.


As I look at the second picture I'm reminded of the great sacrifice St. Cuthberts made for the Gospel and of his determination to marry faith with Gods creation.

As I look at the first picture I just think about my friend today, but also all those in a variety of churches (and outside of Church life) with whom I have journeyed.

For all of Cuthberts desire for solitude, for the majority of us we weren't created to live that way. As we journeyed over the sands, some slipping, some losing their footwear it was a reminder that we journeyed together. I'll probably never meet them again but for that period of time we were 'as one' in a unique experience together and loving and supporting each other through it.

And a special moment part way over was to stop, being still and listening to the sounds of the seals singing. Legend has it that this is their way of greeting pilgrims to the island, but true or not it was a lesson in learning that when we travel together with love between us, and led by Christ then blessings are to be found.





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