As most of my Facebook friends know today is both my 33rd wedding anniversary and also the first day of our annual holidays: this year to Orkney but first of all staying tonight near Inverness.

It's been a long day, tiring because of the driving but good just to be the two of us together talking all day. Memories of holidays of past years, memories of a very dear friend who was remembered at today's memorial service at Methodist Conference, hopes for the future (especially our grandchild coming), thanks for terrific youngsters and their partners have all been shared today.

Then at our lodge tonight we discover that somewhere along the line my wallet has gone missing. Car searched, pockets, bags, everything but no sign and so the only conclusion can be that it's dropped out of my pocket somewhere or I've been pick pocketed !

Fortunately we've been able to cancel all cards and Alison still has access to the bank account so nothing is seriously spoilt.

Upsetting ? Yes, but compared with the tragedies in France, Tunisia and Kuwait today and at other times, this is of no great importance.

Irritating ? Certainly, but we still have health and a good holiday with special friends to look forward.

Inconvenient ? It'll certainly make the holiday different, but that'll be the full extent of the problem.


You see I'm taking the attitude that human life and the loss of it that we've seen today is of far more importance than a mere piece of leather and a few cards. It's all about perspectives and getting problems into proportion. It's taken me a lot of years to learn that but as I look around the world today I am just so grateful for what I have.

Alison and I celebrate 33 years today in the knowledge that tomorrow is the start of the next year of our wonderful lives together. Sadly for many, tomorrow will be the start of lives without their loved ones. I pray for them, for peace and comfort, for the raising up of love and tolerance throughout the world and tonight I especially give thanks for my beautiful wife, for Rebecca, Vikki, Michelle and Mark and my grandchild to be.

I am blessed.


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