“Where shall I put that smile ?”


As you can see from the photograph I’m still in the middle of working on my latest Wasjig. Loving it but also finding it extremely frustrating !

In this particular one it’s not the sky that’s the problem, nor the grey building bricks on one side of the picture (nor is it finding that I had a fifth corner piece, as I found in a previous jigsaw !!), but it’s the sheer volume of faces. Some with big beaming grins, some with hopeful expressions, some angry and some looking lost. With the high proportion of faces it’s actually quite hard getting the right one onto the right body.

But isn’t life like that? This particular wasjig begins with the picture on the box of mods and rockers enjoying a night out, and the picture I have to recreate is of the same folk 25 years on in the same street observing how they’ve changed over the years. Apart from reminding me of how I’ve changed its fascinating to realise that despite new trends, new fashions and new ideas much of life still boils down to good relationships between people: and to achieve that it’s about accepting that people are good at heart, often damaged by life’s knocks, sometimes having taken the wrong direction, sometimes holding regrets and bitterness for longer than is healthy, but at the heart of each one if us is a God-created spark.

God made us in his own image, Genesis reminds us, and so within each of us is the ability to be God-like. I don’t mean that in an egotistical, self-centred way but in the sense that we all have the ability to hold the character of God, goodness, generosity, love, tolerance, respect,




NOW, where shall I put a smile today ?


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