Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red


Yesterday was one of those special moments in life. It began with a lousy train journey meaning Alison and I had to stand in a packed carriageway from Tamworth to London, we ended up hot, tired and sweaty; This was followed by a lousy tube journey, again having to stand, and then we had to get off a station early because they`d shut Tower Hill station because of crowds and having to walk the rest of the way, ……………………………………
but, BOY was it worth it !!!!

The creation itself was spectacular, imaginative etc, but the most moving thing was how the crowds just seemed to accept that this was more than a tourist attraction: there was true reverence, a respect not only for the poppies and their significance but respect for the people around us: no shoving, no pushing to get to the front, but a gentle quietness which transcended the “me, myself and mine” mentality amongst crowds. People waited patiently for a gap to appear and then quietly slid into it, made their observance, took photos and slipped away again.

A respect for humanity, both fallen and still with us.

Privilege to be there.










By the way we spotted our poppy (the one we`ve bought). It was the fifth row in from the fence, 2500 poppies along !

Disprove me if you can !      lol

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