Just a test to see if my new blog hosting platform is working in practise for our trip to Romania which is now just around the corner. The hope is that if I can get this to work there will be a daily update for interest and prayer.
Lovely message from Heather to say that the Holy Spirit was very present in Worship this morning. I pray he will lead us through the coming week and that we will be open to him.
Please pray for us, David, Alison and myself. Please pray for the Chalmers family and for the villagers and children that we will be sharing with. We love them so much.


What now ?


Well the most important debate has taken place, all parties have had their say, the votes have been counted and the result is finally in: Yes, women are to be admitted into the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, the home of golf!!!!

And now they will have to live with an irreversible result. How will the first lady members be received ? Will their be animosity ? sexism ? How will those who voted against react ? Who knows ?

Of course the far more important debate took place on the same day, the Referendum on an independent Scotland.   As you all know the result came back as a resounding NO to independence and so its back to the way we were, or is it ………..?

Of course, things can never be the same again and so the Government has started to work on move devolved powers for Scotland with the accompanying cry for more for Wales and England, all of which will impact on party politics;

No, things can never be the same again, but hopefully out of it will come a new style union based around regional assemblies learning to work together for the common good of the United Kingdom on those decisions that affect everyone (defence etc) and carrying out decisions that have a more regional flavour (business, commerce etc).

My prayer today has been and will continue to be, that the people of Scotland learn to set aside the differences displayed throughout this campaign and learn again to work as one nation, and alongside that I pray that the rest of the Union will bear them no ill will but simply rejoice that they voted to stay with us.