Day 5 Romania

Last full day today involved the clearing out of the final outhouse, mice, spiders et al ! Everything was removed to be sorted and much to be given away or the broken stuff to be disposed of; consequently the morning was spent ferrying backwards and forwards. I know this sounds as though we've come a long way simply to be part of a clearing out, but our view is that the more we can do to help the Chalmers family then the more they can do within the village.

Good news today is that Heather was able to take Carmen and Elenor (?) into the nearby town of Ovideu and get them registered back into school. Because of a variety of circumstances Carmen has been out of school for three years and Elenor one year. The Chalmers family have been praying that they would want to return to school and they both decided last week. Education gives the best opportunity to escape poverty here but pressure is often on young girls to stay at home and look after the younger children.

Thankfully these two will now have a renewed hope. Please pray for them.

Towards the end of the afternoon we went to see some villagers who live in “the Buero” an official squat. We visit this every year but this year we've left it to last as there was the promise that they'd have electricity at last after many years. However the great switch-on didn't happen and they'll now have to wait a further day, hence the next photo………
Look closely and you'll see me cuddling Tante Lena in the dark of her living room/bedroom area. This was at 5.30 in the afternoon so hopefully it will give you some idea of the living conditions of many and of how good it will be when electricity comes.
Tomorrow is our last morning then off to catch our flight And another visit is over. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and here's to next years visit !


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