Day 4 Romania

Morning worship was quite simply awesome this morning. I had the privilege of preaching, but it wasn’t because of that. God was definitely ‘in the house’ !

The young people were amazing with their leading of the worship; the adults stood up one after another to praise God and thank him for blessings received; Catalin (14 ?) used one of my Gospel bags to tell the story of Moses and the burning bush which I then preached on; two youngsters dancing with joy at the front, oblivious to the rest of us.

Afterwards conversations and goodbyes meant we started the children’s club late, but it was good stuff.


Heather thought it was the best That she’d heard me preach, but I think it was simply one component within a God given, Jesus centred, Holy Spirit led act of worship in which we all wanted the best for God. As a preacher it’s always easier and better when you feel that the congregation are with you and drawing Gods message from you.

Earlier this week I remarked on the need to pray for your Pastor/Minister/Vicar and to that I’d want to add youth worker, Local Preacher, Church Stewards, Sunday-School leader etc. In fact all who contribute to leading/Sharing in worship INCLUDING ourselves as the congregation. So often Worship is our shop window and so we should prepare fully for it by prayer.

Several years ago the rather fun challenge (but serious point) was made, “make your Pastors day: next time it’s Communion, draw a smiley face in your hand for him to see” A bit of fun, I thought, but the following Sunday I was taking Communion and one person waited till I arrived at them and slowly unfurled their hand to reveal the smiley face, then another person and another and others. It made my day because not only did it make me feel special but it reminded me that we were as one in the family of the Lord.








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