Day 3 Romania

Woke up to one of the windiest mornings possible. As we always eat outside it made for a fun breakfast where I could hear very little because of the wind chimes !
Followed by a prayer meeting whose express purpose is to pray a blessing on the village. About 6 villagers turned up and it was a powerful time where prayers were said, Romanian style, for all aspects of village life.
The morning was spent continuing to sort out the store room, building more shelving units (this time for the tool shed) and a new broom cupboard.
Children's club this afternoon had to be held indoors because of the rain, but there were more children plus some of the teenagers who weren't at school. It was great to see Sebi, Lorenzo, Catalin and others again. They became involved in looking after the younger children today. These are young people I've seen growing up over the years, and I spent the afternoon feeling very proud of them as they're the ones who are especially beginning to blossom in their Christian Faith.
After the children's club the same teenagers stayed on to practise a song for tomorrow's worship, and I just sat and watched them thoroughly enjoying themselves. Quite an emotional day.
The video I took of these youngsters may be found on Facebook but I'm struggling to upload it into the blog.


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