Day 2 Romania

Mixed day today.

Wet weather meant that the children’s club was held indoors so very cramped and the teenage club hd to be cancelled. Disappointing, but when the weather is that wet people are reluctant to send their youngsters out and combined again with the fact that school was on meant that we had 10 youngsters only.

But they enjoyed themselves hearing the story of Jonah and the big fish, playing a fishing game, the boat race and baking biscuits. They especially enjoyed pretending to drive a ‘bus’ out of an old wooden unit we had thrown out.

Can you see the fun on their faces ?

What to make of it all ? The reminder that these children just need to know they’re lived and to understand that Jesus especially loves them.

This afternoon we were able to see the first delivery of 3 tons of wood. Thrilled to receive the gratitude of the family.






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