Well, hello there !!!!!!!

Even I have been shocked at how long it is since I put anything on here, and to be honest I don`t know what I`m writing now so this will probably turn out to be the most pointless of all my ramblings.



However I don’t believe that God wastes anything so here goes……  Many of us are shocked     and stunned at what is happening in the Middle East at the moment. The pictures of shelling  on both sides are truly awful; the loss of life is almost incomprehensible to any of us and the  solution seems further away than ever at times.

And yet to those of us who follow Christ the solution is simple, but the tragedy is that the   same solution is to be found in the Q`uran or in the Jewish Scriptures and that is the simple  command to love and respect other human beings. However sadly it would seem to be the  thing that is being ignored on both sides of the conflict.

And of course it’s not just the Middle East is it ? We`re faced with the dreadful situation in   the Ukraine as Russia would seem to be destabilising the whole region, and then the ongoing  recriminations of who shot the Malaysian airliner.

The world is indeed in a mess, but then again hasn’t it always been so. Here we stand on the verge of commemorating World War 1 and we have to ask if anything has been learned at all. World War 2, Falklands, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Sierra Leone and many more only serve to remind us that mankind has got a long way to go to fully grasp the instruction of Jesus “Love your neighbour as yourself”

Simple message but wouldn’t the world be a better place ? However, it must be true in our lives also. Jesus reminds us that true discipleship is to follow him in our whole lives, not just our words. It’s no good saying Israel and Hamas ought to love one another if we don`t show that same love to the person we meet in the shop or at work, to our Muslim neighbour or the Jewish Rabbi we see around our towns etc. We must learn to love ourselves those around us.

IMG_1060I like the old Gospel lyric……….

This little light of mine
                           I’m going to let it shine
                           Oh, this little light of mine
                           I’m going to let it shine
                           This little light of mine
                           I’m going to let it shine
                           Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

The making of a better world doesn`t start with someone else it truly has to start with ourselves. In the midst of the darkness of the world each one of us can shine  with love:

                                                                                                               Are you prepared to ?  Am I ?


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