Attitude for Gratitude

This is an extract from my website and from the St. Thomas`s magazine. I wrote it whilst on holiday in Whitby over lunch in Wetherspoons. I`ve altered it slightly to make it suit this forum.


I write this from a very damp and wet Whitby. Outside the rain is bouncing off the Pavements and I’m left pondering the variable English weather. When this happens on our summer holidays it be comes very easy to moan and complain, but is that how it should be?

At this moment in time I’m taking part in a 3 day Facebook challenge to list three positive things from each day. What’s a fantastic idea for it turns our mind away from the negativity of life towards the good things God provides and he provides so much.

My mind goes back to Genesis and the telling of the story of the Garden of Eden. Here we have a picture of Gods blessings, with only one proviso: not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What does mankind do? Dwells on the forbidden fruit!

We sometimes have a tendency to dwell on negativity overlooking the many blessings.

So I want to declare August to be a “give thanks” month. Let’s give thanks each day for the blessings around us. Let’s make a note each day so that by the time of our first Sunday service in September  (at St. Thomas`s)  we’ll each have at least 31 blessings to give thanks for. If 50 people do this we’ll have a display of 1,550 blessings. So I challenge each of us to bring that list to Church on Sept 7th and together give thanks. We’ll find a way to display them, somehow.


I`m referring to this as an “attitude for gratitude” challenge because I do believe that with a different attitude the world could look so much better. We`ll see past the hard, difficult, jagged, rock (stone) and see the beauty beyond.

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