A life well lived



I`ve just been watching the start of the vigil in Lichfield Cathedral, for Stephen Sutton who raised over 4 million pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust and passed away recently at only 19 years of age.

Powerful and emotional scenes; wise words; inspiring thoughts are all ways of describing the opening part of the vigil as the Dean of Lichfield Cathedral led a short time of worship. Certain quotes and requests jumped out at me as a challenge to myself and my lifestyle.

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” is a powerful proclamation of the way Stephen took on his cancer and made the most of his life. Do we do the same ?

It’s not about how long a life is lived but about what is achieved in that life” What are we striving to achieve ?

We are all invited to give a thumbs up for Stephen tomorrow at 11.00 and try to create a social media `thunderclap` (messages posted simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. Over and above that magnificent gesture, do we give a thumbs up to life itself at other times; to generosity, graciousness, love, laughter and all the other things that make life so special ?

As well as raising so much money and awareness of teenage cancer, I feel that Stephen has taught the world something about having a zest for life and thinking about others above self. Whilst recognising that like the rest of us Stephen had faults and failings I do believe that this world has been a better place for Stephen having been a part of it and a poorer place without him. Surely his greatest legacy would be for us all to strive to have the same values and determination to make it a better place.



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