Mark 11:11-25

MARK 11:11-25

Just a brief resume of this mornings sermon.

Not theologically superb: a bit simple but very much what I believe God wants me to say.

Sermon points
1). So often we want God to bless us, but is this the point of worship ? Surely worship is about pleasing God; feeding God. We often say, look and do the ‘right’ things but how much is it about what we want ? rather than what God wants.
2). So what pleases God? Our worship should be a 24/7 lifestyle of righteousness and holiness. The Temple forecourt was misused; God not honoured. We shouldn’t divorce our worship from the rest of our lives.
3). Not being judgemental pleases God. He alone has that right, not us. We all sin (image of Pope confessing his sins, last week), and so are dependant upon Gods grace.
But because God has given us his grace, we can allow him to improve our lives. In the worship of our whole lives, what are we to hope for/pray for ? That our lives, wishes, desires might be in accordance with His will. In other words we seek the Holy Spirits help in becoming the people he wishes us to be. That is true worship.


In conclusion
Are we seeking to please God, everyday ?
Are we seeking holy, righteous lives ?
Are we seeking Gods help in becoming the people he wishes us to be ?


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