Final day and thoughts Day 8

It’s now two weeks since I returned from the Holy Land and its taken me this long to deal with everything that was waiting for me at home, but also to begin to get my head around what has been a truly amazing experience.


Firstly, a short account of our last day. Setting off from Tiberius at the usual early morning start we headed for Caesarea Maritima, recorded as one of the great cities of Herod’s building passion. It was almost certain that it was here that Paul was to set sail for Rome. Fascinating area to explore, a 30 mile Roman aqueduct to bring water into the city, the Mediterranean sea-shore, the remains of Herod’s palace, the amphitheatre where stage productions are still held, and the chariot arena. Add to this a 30 minute film show about the history of the city and you begin to realise what a fascinating day it was and perhaps a fitting conclusion to our Holy Land adventure.


Then it was back to Tel Aviv, via dinner in Jaffa, and flight home, arriving back in Burton at 2.00 pm in the morning (ready for a Circuit Leadership meeting at 9.30 a.m. !)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


What to make of it all ? Too much information to remember although some of it slowly trickles back into the mind and into conversation; moving experience which brought both inspiration and challenge in roughly equal measure; theology and churchmanship to the fore of my thinking; greater understanding of the Jewish and also the Muslim thinking; sadness over the deep divisions in the land; joy over the deep Christian sharing of Rami our tour guide.

Alison and I set out thinking it would be our only opportunity to ever get to the Holy Land, but we returned thinking about how we need to return to experience more and enlarge our vision still further; great saving will ensue I think.


I hope you`ve enjoyed following my blog and my experience; thankyou for sharing in it and for those who responded either on here or via FaceBook; it helped to make it even more special. When I can I intend to keep posting photos onto the Holy Land part of this blog.



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