Galilee boat and Caperneum day 7

Our last full day in the Holy Land began with a truly memorable experience as we set off on a boat (@ 8.00am) across Lake Galilee.  image

About 15 minutes from shore we shared in Morning Office followed by singing “Dear Lord and Father of mankind”. Another God-moment in the silence which followed.

on the Lake for about an hour and then off to the village of Caperneum, “the village of Jesus”. Here we visited the fairly new building built over what may be the ruins of Simon Peters house. I liked this Church for its simplicity, and once again we sang. This time “Be still for the presence of The Lord” powerful stuff.

this was followed by returning to the Lakeside where we shared in a truly moving open-air Eucharist. I found it special but then again I couldn’t hear the woman warbling in another party elsewhere and so nothing was spoilt for me. Sadly, it distracted Alison somewhat so her experience was difficult.

on to a Franciscan monastry for lunch where we enjoyed St Peters fish, truly an ugly looking thing but delicious tasting. Afterwards we went into the Chapel, but it truly wasn’t to my taste, too dominated by crucifixes which doesn’t resonate with me but does for other members of our party.

We then came back to the hotel earlier than usual in order to pack and get ready for an early start tomorrow, our journey home. We’re visiting one site tomorrow en-route to the airport and that will be the end of a memorable pilgrimage, so tomorrow’s report may well be later than usual.

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