500th post

My 500th post; it feels like quite a milestone. What to write ? Where do I begin ? My thoughts turn back to the question “What have I written about since that first post on May 27th 2007”. What began as a simple journal to inform my church folk of what I was up to during my sabbatical has turned into quite a record of my thoughts and feelings ever since, and I`m amazed at how many people keep coming back regularly to see what I`m up to. In that time I`ve thought about the use of food in our life journey and how it features regularly in the Bible (Mar 23rd 2010. I`ve reflected on “the cosmic, creative, snowball” (one of my favourite images) on Nov 22nd 2007. Jan 18th 2013 found me wrestling with the concept of honesty in sport and I got some criticism as a result (!). I`ve also delved into the ridiculous for on Sept 28th 2009 I was appealing for help to learn how to use my new mobile phone and on Sept 17th of this year I posted two silly photos of “Michael’s drink store” and “Alison’s Jersey ice cream”.  I hope I`ve used the blog to raise awareness of issues such as the homeless in Burton that the YMCA are trying to support (Nov 9th 2013) and still stuck by my thoughts of communicating Church matters to the people in the pew as I covered attendance at various conferences (such as June 29th 2012).

So what am I to make of it all ?  Whats been the point ? Well, I hope its been a bit of a mixture, a cocktail, for people of thoughts, ideas, complaints, hopes, dreams and throughout it all I hope that some have found inspiration in it, some distraction from their own worries, some have found humour, and some have just passed the few moments browsing.  If nothing else I hope its brought a different flavour to peoples lives.

The photograph is from Jan 1st 2008 “Waingroves wild and wacky cocktail bar”

Waingroves wild and wacky cocktail bar

For me it has been challenging and it has been good to reflect on things in my life. It has been enormously helpful and at times incredibly therapeutic but immensely enjoyable. I have also been encouraged by the sheer number of people who now read this, for those who send comments (if only to prove to me they read it !) and for those who I know use it in order to pray for the Redshaw family.

To you all a great big thank-you.

Now for the next 500…………………….


I am a child of God

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