Risk-taker, caretaker or undertaker

In a FB entry and also on the Nottingham and Derby District website on Thursday morning was a quotation by Pastor Rick Warren who said that Pastors are either risk-takers, caretakers or undertakers.This has dominated my thinking since, but as I've been poorly, I haven't had the chance to put anything down.Whilst the quotation seems to imply that Pastors are one of the three, in those multi-pastoral denominations like the Methodist Church where most Ministers will have 3 or 4 churches it is possible to be all three of the named tasks! Sometimes it is even possible to move between the tasks within a single church as we find ourselves at the mercy of the circumstances around us.I suspect that most Ministers want to be risk-takers but end up as caretakers (simply maintaining that which is in existence already) or undertakers (watching over a dying church): why? Often because of the age old attitudes which refuse to budge. The statement “we like things the way they are” or “this will see us out” or “we can't do that, we tried it fifty years ago and it didn't work then”.I came to the conclusion several years ago that doorstops can serve two purposes………

It can either be used to wedge the door open, surely it's intended use, or it can be used to wedge the door shut.


If we are looking to our Ministers to be risk takers for Jesus then we need to ensure that we are not doorstops who prevent the door to riskiness being opened; instead we need to be doorstops who prevent the door to opportunities (risky or otherwise) ever being shut.


We too must learn to take risks.

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