Typhoon Haiyan

Isn't this a hard image to hold onto in the light of the current news re the typhoon in the Philipines ? The sense that even when possessions are gone and the future looks bleak; even worse, when loved ones have perished, it is hard to hear someone simply say “God loves you”, for often there is little understanding or attempt to understand, the circumstances the listener is enduring.

And yet that's what many Christians say; as if it makes everything alright again and sadly when it doesn't, there is still the cry from some quarters that a persons faith is obviously not strong enough.

In a word “rubbish

I would have liked to have used a stronger word but thought better of it.

However, that's what it amounts to for I believe in a God who does love us but expects us to get off our backsides and show his love. It's not just about saying it, it's about doing it.

That's why I give thanks that I belong to two of the biggest providers of care at a time like this. Rotary International have once again mobilised its volunteers, organised and despatched shelter boxes, and arranged for financial assistance. The Methodist Church (and I dare say other Churches) met under its Methodist Relief and Development (MRDF) banner yesterday and launched a scheme to raise and send monies (more below).

If we're going to talk about the love of God then we need to show it sacrificially in terms of finance, time, energy, prayers etc. we need to let the victims of such tragedies see our action. God does love people but he has given us the means to show that and he expects us to do so.

Oh, and by the way that means your neighbour next door as well!!


If you feel you can contribute in any way to the MRDF appeal the details are below……..

Philippines Typhoon Appeal


Dear Co-ordinators

On 8th November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines causing untold devastation. Over 10,000 people are feared dead and early reports suggest millions more have lost homes and livelihoods in the storm.

The Methodist Relief and Development Fund is responding with an emergency appeal to enable churches and individuals to respond practically through giving. Donations are being taken through the website, by texting TYPH13 £10 to 70070, through the post (cheques are payable to ‘MRDF’ and should be sent to MRDF, 25 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5JR, please state Philippines Typhoon Appeal), and over the telephone 020 7467 5132.

Not only would it be great to make a practical difference to those affected by the disaster, but also to stand with them in prayer.

As an MRDF co-ordinator please consider how you can influence your church/networks to respond to this disaster. Here are some suggestions:

  • Organise an Appeal: Such as, take a collection on Sunday in your church, and/or contact mid-week groups (whether bible study groups or social groups) to respond through giving, and/or use upcoming events that would provide a good source for a collection. You can order gift aid envelopes here.
  • Encourage Prayer: Such as, include the Philippines situation into the prayers on Sunday in your church, and/or encourage mid-week groups to pray, and/or pray at the events you have coming up. MRDF has written a prayer you may like to use and make known. Find it here.
  • Build Awareness: Such as, email or phone your contacts (e.g. church members) with the details of the appeal and with the MRDF prayer, and/or place information about the appeal on the websites you have access to.

If you find other methods useful that are not listed here please let us know about them, so we can share your good ideas with the co-ordinator community.

Thank you for reading this email, for remaining prayerful and for being willing to take action.

May God bless you in all you do,


Churches and Volunteers Co-ordinator

MRDF makes small miracles possible for people living in the world's poorest communities.
Email: mrdf@methodistchurch.org.uk Website: www.mrdf.org.uk Registered charity no: 291691

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