Fresh start ??

It has been pointed out to me that its a while since I last posted anything on this area of the site. That hasn’t been because I`ve lost interest in Fresh Expressions or anything, but it is actually because I`d forgotten I had this category amongst the others on my blog.

I still feel a great passion for Fresh expressions (FX) and am still involved in the MSM course. I`m also involved in the Feast initiative, overseen in this area by the excellent Roger Johnson and Michael Mitton, but often I struggle to give FX the time I would like as I`m caught up in Superintendency of the Circuit. Yesterday I was involved in a discussion about `permission~givers`, those folk in different denominations who can either block or encourage a FX. In many ways I have become such a permission~giver and it is hard and frustrating to adjust to the role, because my heart wants to be in the FX exploring, enabling, encouraging as opposed to simply watching others do it and commending them for it.

Superintendency involves so much administration, supervision and dissemination of information that it saps your energy and creativity. However, having said that the comment I received this morning is maybe a wake up call to quit moaning and make the time to `get on with it` and as such I thank the person for the reminder. I am looking at the possibility of a MSI course in my new area, and exploring opportunities for a Learning Network amongst some expressions that have already begun.

In the meantime can I encourage people who are on FaceBook to find the Fb page for Fresh expressions, another one for the National MSM course and if you`re interested you can keep an eye on our local Nottingham and Derby MSM page so that when we launch the next course, or the MSI course, or vision days there will be info.

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