Just a couple of photos of signs we have seen in this last week. Made us smile.

We did wonder about renaming the Manse as above……………….


Ironic thing is, I'm the ice cream lover in the family not Alison


1 thought on “Photos

  1. Michael

    I’m not entirely certain why I found myself googling the Rev Michael Redshaw, but I am glad that I did. It’s been refreshing (as a non practising person) to read some of your blog (there is a heck of a lot read after all) and it is also good to see that you are doing well. (By the way, you haven’t changed a bit…. A few extra pounds but still unmistakably you – and if you ever give up the day job you could probably earn a living as a Stephen Fry tribute act!)

    I often think of those days a lifetime ago in Moorside. Sometimes with a smile and sometimes with a grimace (though mostly with a smile) Rarely PC, often cruel but always, I like to think, in good humour. It’s fascinating the paths that a group of friends can take, how diverse they can be and I often wonder ‘what if’?

    You are now on my bookmarked list so I look forward to reading more.

    All the very best
    Al (I lost the ‘an’ many years ago, followed soon after my my hair) Priestman, former member of the Armstrong, Challoner, Priestman, Challoner, Redshaw gang of five

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