Why am I here?

In my last post I spoke of things going wrong and the need to keep an eye on God. I have just opened my e-mail and checked the spam account (as I do regularly) and in it I have found 15 job offers!  As I said in my last posting you have to wonder if God is trying to tell you something!

You also have to laugh at the absurdity of it and weep at the sign of a tragic world in which there are people ready to scam and profit from others,


I cannot remember when I took the above photograph but I offer it here for thought and reflection. (It is my foot!). The photograph reminds me that each time I step out there is a path to follow and a direction to find. I can either choose the path which is about trampling on others, being thoughtless about feelings, disrespectful towards others, being prepared to embarrass them in order to achieve ones own aims, or it is the path which is designed to affirm others, build them up, encourage them and show love for them. I believe that the latter is Gods way and so that is the way I choose.

I know I get it wrong, too often, but my heart is desiring of Gods way and so he constantly forgives and restores me. It’s a bit like my sat-nav (Sally). She gives me instructions but when I ignore them, when I think I know better, or when I don’t understand she calmly tells me “recalculating” and gives me a fresh direction in order to get me back to where I should be.

God is like that; when we choose the wrong path he calmly says “recalculating” and offers us a way back to his path, but at the end of the day its our choice to listen and obey.


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