When it all goes wrong!!

Do you ever have those times when everything seems to conspire against you? Well, it feels that way at the moment for the Redshaws!

Since moving we have managed to lose at various times my hearing aids (nothing new there), my wallet (nothing new again), and this is after the ipad loss during the move: well, we can now add to this list the fact that just before my welcome service, having found the missing hearing aid, my glasses broke so I had to spend the service using Alison`s reading glasses. The opticians cannot fix them. New glasses in a fortnight; fortunately I`ve found an adequate old pair.

The Sky box then decided to throw a wobbly and we`ve had to have that seen to, both cars have decided to produce faults at a time when we`re using them both heavily and the laptop/ipad/computer is refusing to talk to the printer so nothing can be printed out. Both cars have developed faults which makes travelling something of a worry. Even on my blog I`ve lost the facility to put pictures on and I need to find the time to sort that out again.

How do we react at times like this? Times when your head is full of ideas, and your positively itching to act upon them., times when you know that you need to get organised but lack of facilities stop you. Its very easy to get annoyed and aggressive; to call everything `stupid` and blame everyone and everything. Its easy to begin to think “Does God really want me here?”

Over the years I`ve known well meaning Christians describe this as being under attack” from the devil and I don`t want to deny this either for I believe that he does try and distract us away from good, pure thoughts by giving us negative events. However, it can be too easy to blame everything on the devil as if there is a demon specifically set aside to wage a vicious war on us personally. The Bible implies that the Devil is always on the prowl getting up to some sort of mischief which will entice us away from Gods direction.

Well, although I believe that the devil is at work, I also think there is a danger in seeing a demon around every corner when often its simply modern technology and its limits. When things go wrong I don’t always want to be super-spiritualising it, for that gives too much credence to Satan; no we should simply shrug our shoulders, realise the context of how unimportant a struggling car or a broken printer against a world where people in places like Syria are dying is, and then `get on with it`.

Lord, grant me patience and an understanding that when things go wrong its usually down to human error in some way.                      Help me continue to give you the glory. Amen

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