It’s not a great photo; I look miserable, wonderful double chin! But here I am just before setting out for the football at Burton Albion yesterday.

We have arrived in the new manse, surrounded by packing cases, some opened others not, total chaos but have met the neighbours, begun to organise a christening and returned a gorgeous looking husky to its owners after it had arrived in our garden! Excitement abounds.

the removal was stressful but the removal firm worked hard but a little over enthusiastically; every time we turned around something else had been packed away, including my iPad (while I was using it). Various items have already been returned to the Blackwell Manse that shouldn’t have arrived here. Now found the hover mower so that will have to go back, but still haven’t found the doorbell! Ironically all these were labelled “do not remove”

So now we’re here. We’ll settle and sort out eventually, but we’ll never lose our love of Blackwell as a village nor Borders Mission as a circuit and they will always be in our prayers.


3 thoughts on “Arrived!

  1. Mike – you look content – that can only be a good thing! When we meet again I must have a discussion with you about this use of ‘christening’ cannot come to terms with it – realise it is a UK thing but so used to the term ‘baptism’ – had numerous debates here but never won so would love your take on it. Hope you and Alison are sleeping well and that your doggie (won’t even hazard a guess at her name as I always get it wrong) is happy. Cxx

    • I actually agree with you Charlene; baptism is for me the theological word putting everything into a spiritual context. Christening is more cultural and I believe is more about naming the child. Trouble is in many areas I’ve worked in they are seen as interchangeable words. However, it gives a great opportunity to talk at the home visit about the difference, leading into opportunity to talk about the real meaning of baptism.

      Dog is called Sasha

  2. I knew it – was wearing my blonde wig – could have sworn she is called Cassie – love the way you handle the christening thing – it seems so often it is happening because the grandparents believe it is the traditional and right thing to do but of course we must never doubt God’s ability to plant seeds – did you know Dermot was only Baptised at 29/30ish – he came from a mixed Catholic and Protestant union and neither parent had any time for religion organised or not. In fact on our wedding certificate in a wee Catholic church (I was the Catholic) he is down as a Pagan. I jest not – and they will not change the records not that it is of any relevance. Wonder how the circuit will feel to have had an ex pagan as a super in the future. We can only marvel at God’s plans for humankind. Think of us tomorrow. love to you all.

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