The Royal Birth

Well, after all the waiting and all the excitement, the news is out! The Royal baby has arrived, 3rd in line to the throne, born to extravagant riches but hopefully with the charm and nature of his parents, Kate and William.   I offer my congratulations and best wishes.Royal-baby-for England'sThrone-CarmenRodriguez...

So why does this merit such media coverage? After all thousands of babies are born every day; indeed there is a very real global fear that too many are being born amidst the worlds dwindling resources. And after all this child will want for nothing; born not only with a silver spoon in his mouth, but with what must feel like the entire cutlery set! His are riches beyond our imagination, so why all the fuss?

Firstly because we’re a part of a celebrity led culture, whether we like it or not.  The world is fascinated by those its elevated to celebrity status; we thrive on it, every little piece of gossip is devoured, every piece of clothing is examined in almost microscopic detail, every minor discretion turned into a major source of scandal. We may criticise this way of life but nearly all of us buy into it in some way.

Secondly, whether Republican or Monarchist, we live in a country which proclaims the Queen as sovereign head and so any successor to her is of national importance. This child will be decades away from being King but will one day become sovereign head over us. Jesus himself declared that we should “give to Caesar what is due to Caesar” or in other words give the respect his position deserves.

Thirdly, for those of us who are Christian we have to recognise a spiritual area in all this. This new born babes great-Grandmother regularly shares her faith not only at Christmas time but at other times as well. Our prayer for this child must be that he too will grow into the same faith and also be. Good witness for Jesus Christ.

Fourthly, and I confess to some unease here, it was certainly. scriptural view that the King was divinely appointed by God. If we follow this through, logically, we are saying that God has appointed this little child to be greater than the rest of us. However, the true Biblical picture of an anointed Sovereign involves the concept of servanthood also. Our Queen at her coronation promised to serve her country and commonwealth at all costs. This mirrors the Sovereignty of Jesus, who although a King served others faithfully, literally at all costs. And so the child needs our prayers that he too will understand Gods way of Sovereignty, a King and a Servant combined.

Tonight, whatever our views on monarchy, let us rejoice over a new life created and let us commit ourselves to pray for him.

Screenshots of Royal Baby cam (yes, people are...

Screenshots of Royal Baby cam (yes, people are watching Bobbies standing near a door) (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

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